Organize Your Digital Clutter - Private Lesson April 29 - Morning

Organize Your Digital Clutter - Private Lesson





Discounts & Other Fees:

$5 Resident Discount

  • Zoom - FCAAE Secure Class Link
  • Emily Kayser McNeil
All participants must be 18 years of age or older.

Meeting Times

  • Friday 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM


Live Zoom private lesson for Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac users! 

Ask your questions about the device. Discover ways to organize your digital clutter. Learn at your speed. Customize your device to work for the way you want to use it!

This private session will be tailored to your questions. Not sure what to ask? Here are popular topics from previous private lessons:

  • Learn more about features on your iPhone, iPad or iMac
    • Apps: downloading, deleting, updating
    • Photos: taking, organizing, saving, editing, sharing
    • Using the Calendar
    • Settings: maximize battery charge time, changing text size, assigning unique ring tones
  • Manage your digital clutter so you don’t have trouble finding documents/photos/emails/apps
    • Create an organizing system that works for you!
    • Learn ways to help your device perform more efficiently for the way you use it.

For owners of:

  • iPhone models 8 and newer
  • iPad* 5th generation and newer
  • iPad Pro* all generations
  • iPad Air* all generation
  • iMac
  • iMac Pro
  • MacBook
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air

*Due to functional differences, we are unable to offer iPad Mini lessons at this time.


  • Class Fee $65.00
Total: $65.00

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